One of the first questions that many patients ask is, “What is your orientation?” or “What kind of therapy do you do?” My approach is very cognitive - it is my core belief that much of our distress is based in the ways that we think - but it is also behavioral - because we also grow by changing our behaviors. The nature/nurture debate will go on and on, but it is safe to say that we ourselves contribute significantly to how we feel, how our relationships go, and how we succeed and fail in life because of our thought and behavior patterns.

I work with patients to understand how their experiences affect them - i.e. how the “nurture” part of the equation contributed to the formation of these very thought patterns, but also to emotional habits and behaviors in our relationships that are not helpful.

I work with individuals from diverse backgrounds. I practice therapy, for a variety of difficulties individuals may be facing, including:

You will find that my approach is patient and gentle, but structured and consistent. Changing one’s thought patterns - and one’s life – it’s not difficult, in principle. What I am here to do is to teach you and to support you in clearing away what you are thinking and doing wrong, in order to open up space. When you do, you find within yourself, the thoughts and behaviors that will add to your happiness, tranquility, relationships, and success - rather than detract from them. You know that you need to change, simply, when whatever you have been thinking and doing, does not bring you what you want.